Weekly Riding Recap (late) - Week ending the 13th

I'll admit, I'm not off to a good start as far as my weekly riding recaps are considered.  My second one is late, but with video (oooh!).  Things have been hectic here.  I accepted a new position, left my old job on December 11th, then immediately turned around and left for Costa Rica for 5 nights (hint hint: later post).

Monday - went out and rode with my lady friend again.  When we got to the indoor (a rather skinny indoor) there was a young girl tacking up about to get a lesson and another girl somewhere in her mid-teens who was already on her horse just riding around solo.  Lucky for us, she had set up a little crossrail, but unlucky for us - she's awful and scary to ride around.  I know I sound like a giant grinchy monster saying that, but she is.  She's got to be around 16, but she seems more like a pre-teen (sorry to any self-sufficient, independent, dependable pre-teens reading this).  Just all over the place with her horse, doesn't watch out for other people, doesn't really seem able to read her horse very well, doesn't pay particularly good attention to her horse.  I've been burned a couple times by her horse getting loose and charging full speed ahead at Gavin only to pull up short at the last minute.  Not fun.  Anyways - none of those shenanigans were pulled this evening.  We just worked with the small amount of arena space we had and jumped the little crossrail.

Evidenced here:


Yes... I just referenced a link to Instagram.  I deleted the damn video off my phone and now can't figure out a way to share it on here.  Boooo.  But, check it out if you want.  OR - tell me how to get my damn video back so that I can embed it. 

Here's a little left lead canter.  Left lead is our tricky lead.  I think this is definitely partially my fault.  The left side of my body is just weaker than the right side.  I mean, it's like I'm right-handed to the extreme.  Considering Gavin has had very little experience outside of me cantering him, I'm sure this has prejudiced him to prefer the right lead.  Combine that with maybe his own preference for the right lead, and we've got a pretty weak left lead.  He feels like he leans in a lot, and four beats.  You can kinda see what I mean while he's going down the long side of the following video.  I've found that if he's very forward this typically goes away (though it doesn't always work).

Wednesday - our night ride was more chill.  I'm trying to get Gavin used to ropes trailing behind us, next to us, under us.  This is for the extremely immature ultimate goal of pulling my husband in a tube behind us after a good snow.  Yes, I'm that yeehaw asshole.  But it sounds like so much fun.  And because he's so chill, I think it's doable in a safe way.  I might be a yeehaw asshole, but you also need to tack on total scaredy-cat to that title.  The whole afraid for my life thing tends to temper the yeehaw aspect of my character ;)  Of course, Gavin didn't mind his trailing, swinging, slapping lead rope at the walk in either the direction, on either side.  Next to master the trot and canter and then on to the next step!  Besides our little line desensitizing, we also did some normal cardio exercises, walk/trot/canter.

Saturday - transitions, transitions, transitions.  My boy can be light as a feather after 10 minutes of transitions.  He was keyed up.  :)  I always forget how important these exercises are.  I kissed him goodbye, fed him his happy stomach pellets, and said see you next week!

                This is what happens whenyour horse's roached mane starts to grow out and it's insanely thick, wiry, and wild.

              This is what happens whenyour horse's roached mane starts to grow out and it's insanely thick, wiry, and wild.