Gavin 9.0

Gavin is now 9 years old and quickly approaching 10.  They grow up so fast!  It seems like just yesterday he was a hairy little three year old introducing himself to me out in a field.  And now he's a 9 year old, stoutly built Welsh Cob with a sweet heart and a good work ethic.



Not too much has changed since I last blogged.  We're still at the same barn (and by we, I mean myself, Gavin, my friend Laura, and her Connemara X, Sterling).  That may be changing in the near future *fingers crossed*.  Our names are on a list for a small jumper barn with a bigger indoor and access to field jumps.  I'll be a bit sad to leave our current barn as it offers a welcoming atmosphere, a clean barn, an awesome tack-up area, and a stellar indoor/heated wash rack, but it'd be nice to have access to trainers in the discipline I'm interested in.   

We work a lot on the same things - being relaxed in all gaits, promptly responding to requests, being agreeable to ride and handle.  I'm not going to lie - Gavin has got to be a bit bored.  He's got it all pretty well down.  Me?  I'm still learning.  But, Gavin has my janky-ass pretty well figured out.  ;)

Here are a couple of videos from my last lesson.  Note the beautiful weather and the light riding clothing.  Yes, it was summer.  Shame on me.  I really liked the instructor (Kim) - I need to call her again (she lives in Florida, but travels to Colorado regularly).  She was very much about fixing the rider to help the horse go correctly.  If you listen to her talk to me, it's all about my position, my movement.  And she really got some good work out of both of us - and this is on our bad lead!