A little bit of Erika

So I'm absolutely all on board with this being primarily a blog about my pony adventures, but part of that equation is me - your friendly blog operator.  So after catching you all up on where Gavin is and what he's been up to, I figure I should do some catching up on myself.

During my last blog-run, I let you all know that I got engaged!  The engagement itself was a sweet little affair outside of a restaurant that overlooked some beautiful land.  It was my now-husband's birthday and we were there by his request.  We finished up our dessert and coffee and he started fiddling with this little container that he typically keeps nicotine lozenges in(ex-smoker that he is).  Instead, he pulled out a wad of toilet paper and started unraveling it (I can't make this shit up).  And out-popped a beautiful sapphire ring (the ring that was later stolen in Jamaica).  He knelt and asked.  And of course I said yes!  I love the man!  Fast forward 10 months and we were getting married with Fudge as our ring-bearer.  I wouldn't call it a simple wedding, but I kept it pretty relaxed.  I only had one melt-down and that was the day before when we were setting up the venue and I just started weeping to my older brother about how stressed out I was.  He walked me around the property for about 5 minutes and I got my cool back.  It's been about 6 months since the wedding and honestly, it doesn't feel any different to me.  I mean, it feels great, but not a ton different.  I adore Shawn and seem to grow fonder of him by the day. 

But enough heart-warming, barf-inducing, love stuff.  The other exciting thing that happened was I recently was offered and accepted a new position at a new company.  I loved working for my company (a large non-profit healthcare administration company that worked for CU Medical School).  Problem was - it took me about an hour to get there and an hour to get home or to the horse.  (L is shaking her head and calling me a pansy complaining about that commute).  But it was killlllling me!  So I went looking closer to home.  I found a job 10 minutes from my house and about 15 minutes from my pony.  I am so excited to get an extra hour and a half on each workday.  I'm hoping to utilize this time with more puppy-walks, horse-riding, and general lounging and life-enjoyment.

And finally, for the exciting thing right around the corner - I'm going to Costa Rica in a week and a half and will be there for about a week.  It's a very belated honeymoon.  I'm soooo excited, and this time I won't be bringing my ring with me for anyone to steal. ;)