Blatant Stealing - Weekly Riding Recap

So I stumbled upon the idea of a weekly riding journal while reading a Guinea For A Guinness blog, and then again today was reminded of it by A Work in Progress.  I like the idea of doing a general recap of all the rides on a weekly basis.  I'm hoping to not get bogged down in the day-to-day blog minutiae where you'd hear me day-in, day-out say something along the lines of "and we had a hard time transitioning to the canter...". ;)


I'd say this week was about standard on the pony-time.  Maybe a little on the light side for real riding.  It had been cold and snowy here for a couple of weeks and this week the sun finally decided to start showing itself. 

Monday - went out with every intention of riding, but then got scared when I got there as the barn was dark and empty.  Wound up just feeding Gav his happy stomach pellets and calling it a night.  Literally kept a metal curry with me at all times in case I needed to ward off an attacker or pack of coyotes (really, I think the coyotes are more likely).

Tuesday - Met my friend at the barn and did a bareback ride.  I use the Bestfriend plush bareback pad.  I've owned it about a year and I'm pretty sure it has lost all of its cushion, that or my ass is just incredibly sensitive.  I get saddle sores every single time I ride bareback.  This is sort of crossing over into a TMI post, but equestrian underwear is actually a topic I'd like to discuss, and will likely post on later this week.  So, of course, I got saddle sores from my Tuesday ride.  Gavin was a doll, outside of one canter transition where he decided to cob power trot down the long side before breaking into a sloppy canter.  That didn't help the sore ass issue 0.o

Thursday - I felt like shiiiiiit due to one of my lovely chronic migraines (the Botox I get for them seems to be wearing off for this cycle) but met my friend at the barn for another weeknight rendezvous.  Happily (or unhappily?) she also felt like shit and didn't want to ride.  We wound up chasing our boys around the indoor.  At one point her horse just I think we're making the transition okay. 

Saturday - We did a "conditioning" ride.  It was pretty wimpy as far as actual conditioning goes, but it was just lots and lots of canter (Gavin's favorite gait!).  He was sweaty and I was happy by the time we were done.  No complaints except I lost steering over my wiggly creature anytime he got near my friend's husband.  Apparently Eric = stop and chat.

Sunday - We jumped in our tiny ass indoor.  We set up a small (very small by most of your standards) cross-rail (about 18 inches) across the diagonal.  This set us up for a relatively tight turn into the jump and then hopefully land on  the other lead.  Gavin luuuuuurves jumping and was a boss throughout the whole exercise.  He got his lead switched about 90% of the time and it was a breeze to pop him into the canter.  Gavin on a normal day: "Canter?  I guess so... Ask again in 5 seconds"  Gavin on a jumping day: "Canter?  WOOHOO YES RIGHT NOW AND IT'S GOING TO BE BIG AND BEAUTIFUL!"  Jumping Gavin makes me smile.  And writing that down makes me realize that I need to do it more.

And now here I am on a Sunday night, with my cuddly puppy snoozing next to me.  Thinking about all the things I want to discuss horse-wise in the future.