Monday Night Arena Lights - Lesson 2

It took me awhile to put this blog together.  I actually took a go-pro video of the whole shebang, but I've realized that a go-pro lesson of a ride might be the most boring thing ever.  Gahhh - sooo boring.  So I have zero media.  I've also been digesting the information and just generally feeling a bit bluesy about my riding and lessons.  Sometimes I wish I were a mountain man who just rode my horse by feel and just went by the motto that if Gavin works better a certain way then that's how I'd ride him.  I'd see a log and be like "Ooooh - a log, I want to jump that log" then I'd jump it, stop, stroke my long, majestic, mountain man beard and smile.

But, fuck the pity party.  What were the takeaways?

  1. You people post without your stirrups?  WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH JUMPERS?  So, so painful.  I think I'm using the wrong muscles, but god.  I can't believe I complained about two point.
  2. More two point, which is getting much easier, but you know, still sucks and I'm still pretty unbalanced at it.
  3. He likes to have his left rein be his "outside" rein all the time.  He's not a fan of bending to the left.  I've always fixed this by lots of opening rein action, outside rein vibrations, and inside leg.  This trainer is not a fan of my handsiness (part of my post-lesson depression).  To help with his bracing on the left rein we worked on spiral circles to the extreme.  This really did seem to help, and seems quite challenging for him.  I can't say her methods are ineffective.  (Can you tell I'm still skeptical?)
  4. Cavaletti work.  Which is what I'm relegated to until I get two point down and my handsiness under control.  No using his mouth to balance over a jump.  Got it.
  5. Cavaletti work is EXCITING to this pony and his trot can get a bit quick.  She wanted me working on keeping my posting to a certain rhythm to keep his trot for quickening.  This is the first and only time that my posting has really affected a horse.  Me and Gavin in sync.  Who knew?!?

I told her I'd shit my pants at a BN event and was hoping for something smaller.  So we're shooting for the intro/easy level for awhile (nothing above 18 inches).  This sounds much preferable to my adrenal glands.