Do Over

Welcome to my new blog!  A new site, a new name, and a new set of rules.  I've been off the air waves for a little under a year now - and that was for several reasons.

  1. Undoubtedly, laziness ranks high among the reasons I quit blogging.  It's easy and fun for me to ride my horse.  Less easy and fun to put it all out there on the internet.
  2. Fear of judgment.  This didn't come from my fellow bloggers.  The bloggers I interacted with on the regular were all very supportive and all came ready to share ideas and help if I asked.  This fear actually developed when I was made fun of via Facebook by my real-life friends.  I'll admit that I'm not great at taking criticism, and when it comes in the form of my friends mocking me for talking equine-love, I kinda shut off wanting to share.
  3. Lack of awesome material.  I thoroughly enjoy reading my regular pony blogs (some of which I comment on, others I just creep on).  One thing that the good blogs have in common is their seemingly never-ending source of good horsey material.  This was something I felt lacking in (see #2).  Sometimes I just felt like all I did was complain about my canter depart.

Regardless of the above 3 reasons for going on blog hiatus, I always missed it.  Blogging to me was a great outlet for my creativity (I'm an accountant, but somewhere deep down I do have a creative side trying desperately to get out - typically I stuff that bitch back down into the darkness, but she never quits trying to come out).  Not only did it allow me to release some of my creative energy, but it also gave me a history of my equine trials and tribulations.  Which is awesome.  It's fun to look back and go, oh - we've so got that down now.  And lastly, it kept me focused on new goals and sometimes my lovely readers would have helpful tips for me on those goals.

So, as you already know, I decided to restart my blog, but with some changes.

  1. Name change - I liked "An Optimist, a Pony, and a Pug" because I felt like it made sense and was descriptive of my life, BUT with my new rules I wanted a new name.  For some reason when I was a teenager, my online handle was always warriorpony (the embarrassing email address I have to begrudgingly recite to people).  I had the handle long before I had Gavin.  It just spoke to me.  So I decided to be true to my bad-ass-pony-loving self, and go with my original, albeit embarrassing name.
  2. New site - I just really wanted my own domain.  Blogger was awesome, but I'm really liking squarespace.  Check the logo!  Super easy for the creative-impaired.
  3. New rules - Don't share blog with real life peeps.  This includes horse friends, trainers, barn owners, trail buddies, etc.  This is a place for me to connect with other horse-lovers on a relatively anonymous basis.  Sometimes I wanted to talk mad shit about my old trainer, or discuss my frustration with my horse-loving bff.  I couldn't do that.  They knew about my blog and read it.  Another rule?  I've committed myself to doing at least one horsey continuing education a month.  It'll help me stay fresh in the horse realm and also give me fresh ideas to discuss.

Gavin and I are a bit older since the last time I left you all, so my next post will be an update on my very own roly-poly-pony.